AFMT Technology

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In the industrial setting using expensive equipment, along with tight production schedules it is imperative to reduce costly down time to a minimum, Synionic AFMT Multi-Purpose Lubricant Concentrate helps reduce operating overheads and improves the bottom line by keeping equipment running at optimum efficiency for a top quality job done on time and on budget.


With unique, superior lubrication technology that reduces heat, friction and wear. The Synionic patented formula interacts with metal surfaces and reduces electrolysis through a molecular and chemical process creating protection from harmful friction and heat, especially at points of extreme pressure…right where it’s needed most!

Synionic’s AFMT Multi-Purpose Lubricant Concentrate is designed to be added to natural and synthetic fluids. AFMT(Anti-Friction Metal Treatment) is the ultimate lubricant enhancer that protects metal surfaces with a polarised layer of oil molecules that resists extreme pressure and excessive temperatures.


  • It helps to displace water and reduce friction, heat and wear.
  • Treats All Metal Surfaces In The System For Smoother Operation.
  • Reduces Electrolysis, Friction & Lowers Operating Temperatures.
  • Helps Prevent Costly Down Time Due To Frequent Repairs and / Or Replacements.
  • Contributes To Optimum Production Run Times & Budgets.
  • Helps To Protect & Condition Seals.
  • Lowers Operating Temperatures & Withstands Higher Temperatures In Excess Of 500ºF.
  • Provides Outstanding Performance In Extreme Pressure Applications.such as:-
  • Hydraulic Systems,
  • Power Transmission Equipment,
  • Machine Tools,
  • Heavy Chains And Pumps,
  • Compressors, Generators And Pumps,
  • Ball And Roller Bearings,
  • Mining And Smelter Equipment,
  • Gear Boxes
  • Injection Moulding Machines,
  • Railroad Equipment,
  • Refineries And Oil Field Equipment,
  • Paper and Pulp Mills


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Boats Benefit from Our technology too!

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C fury-page-001 C fury-page-002

C-Fury Manufacture advanced technology RIB’s for use in all aspects of leisure pursuits.

Having tried other products they came to us and tried Synionic’s Technology for themselves in both motor vehicles and Boat engines / Drives.


They have been amazed in the difference our products have made and now use it in multiple applications         imagesWEB1-C-Fury

Japanese Performance 2018

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Synionic / Silverline are extremely proud to be associated with this unique motor vehicle.

Dmitrij has entrusted us with his oil requirements, not only in his performance vehicles but also his tow vehicles, for a number of years.CCF21032018_00000 image6_1

Some updates

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2016 has been a busy year for Silverline / Synionic products.


We are constantly moving forwards within the Motorsport arena and private vehicles.


If you are interested in becoming a reseller for our products please do not hesitate to get in touch by email.

Below are some of the vehicles that are looked after with our products ranging from Banana Bling Polish to Our Lubricants

13659024_571803159657145_1173551985354060899_n 13903215_571803176323810_2492353910841547908_n 13934618_571803186323809_6709154565634870965_n 13939389_10209686570536030_1749947438103704397_n 20151124_153246 p1000933 12273740_896527903770947_7464331816044709129_o 12695662_10153561301064531_602880812_o11226917_379249805609166_7170407509634392224_n10003179_368919999912799_1405285136_n11067916_379250185609128_3462251769553552157_n11116506_379250148942465_1179328211623734039_n12291751_896512993772438_5367386251153733290_oimag0670


Our own 125,000 mile Track car out with once of our clients on an open track day.


Introducing Synionic!

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syonic2 (2)

Synionic Lubricants are distributed solely by Silverline.

Not just for Motorsport. These lubricants have amazing results in Cars, Vans (Petrol / diesel turbo or non turbo) Motor homes, HGV’s, Heavy Plant or Motor Boat. Whatever you drive be assured by using Synionic products your vehicle will have the best protection there is.

Our “test” car is a Subaru Impreza. We bought it from a breaker with 123,000 miles history unknown. In 3 years we have increased the BHP from 220 to 315. The car has been driven hard on the track for over 3000 miles and is still on the same engine, gearbox etc.


For 2016 we are building another more powerful car!


McRae Series Weekender

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A picture of the Impreza’s today at the weekender meet up

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AFMT Technology

In the industrial setting using expensive equipment, along with tight production schedules it is imperative to reduce costly down time to a minimum, Synionic AFMT Multi-Purpose Lubricant Concentrate helps reduce operating overheads and... READ MORE