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Silverline Extreme Performance Lubricants

The perfectionist’s choice! Welcome to the next generation of vehicle lubricants! Our new range of extreme performance lubricants has been developed to provide the ultimate lubrication technology, born from motorsport applications, for today’s modern motor vehicles. Cars,vans and trucks rely more and more on their lubricant to not only lubricate the engine and drivetrain, but to assist in the cooling and anti wear properties to ensure longevity ofthe life of the vehicles drive line. The surface modifying technology in Silverline’s lubricant has been independently proven to have film strength signifcantly higher than some of the best-known lubricants available today. Most of the field testing for our product range has been undertaken in the gruelling arena of motorsport, where high powered, small displacement engines are the norm and components are placed under the kind of stresses that would never normally be seen in everyday use or even the most arduous of competition usage.These  lubricants have been created to handle extremes of pressure and temperature – so are ideal for the enthusiastic owners or those wishing to give their vehicle that extra edge in lubrication. For those engaged in towing caravans or trailers. The extra stresses and heat put on your engines and drive train can cause oils to lose their “edge” when sat in traffic or climbing hills. The lubrication technology in Silverline’s lubricants reduces harmful friction and the heat generated by it. The surface-active technology ensures the right protection is placed in the right areas meaning the heat generated is displaced rapidly and oil pressure is maintained within the drive train components.