AFMT Technology

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In the industrial setting using expensive equipment, along with tight production schedules it is imperative to reduce costly down time to a minimum, Synionic AFMT Multi-Purpose Lubricant Concentrate helps reduce operating overheads and improves the bottom line by keeping equipment running at optimum efficiency for a top quality job done on time and on budget.


With unique, superior lubrication technology that reduces heat, friction and wear. The Synionic patented formula interacts with metal surfaces and reduces electrolysis through a molecular and chemical process creating protection from harmful friction and heat, especially at points of extreme pressure…right where it’s needed most!

Synionic’s AFMT Multi-Purpose Lubricant Concentrate is designed to be added to natural and synthetic fluids. AFMT(Anti-Friction Metal Treatment) is the ultimate lubricant enhancer that protects metal surfaces with a polarised layer of oil molecules that resists extreme pressure and excessive temperatures.


  • It helps to displace water and reduce friction, heat and wear.
  • Treats All Metal Surfaces In The System For Smoother Operation.
  • Reduces Electrolysis, Friction & Lowers Operating Temperatures.
  • Helps Prevent Costly Down Time Due To Frequent Repairs and / Or Replacements.
  • Contributes To Optimum Production Run Times & Budgets.
  • Helps To Protect & Condition Seals.
  • Lowers Operating Temperatures & Withstands Higher Temperatures In Excess Of 500ºF.
  • Provides Outstanding Performance In Extreme Pressure Applications.such as:-
  • Hydraulic Systems,
  • Power Transmission Equipment,
  • Machine Tools,
  • Heavy Chains And Pumps,
  • Compressors, Generators And Pumps,
  • Ball And Roller Bearings,
  • Mining And Smelter Equipment,
  • Gear Boxes
  • Injection Moulding Machines,
  • Railroad Equipment,
  • Refineries And Oil Field Equipment,
  • Paper and Pulp Mills


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