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Silverline Waterless wash and detailer

Waterless Wash and Detailer Cleans Protects Enhances “Banana Bling” flavour!

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SML Multi Purpose Spray Lubricant

SML 100 Multi Purpose Surface Modifying Spray Lubricant New! Anti Gravity sprayer… works upside down! Stops Squeeks Displaces Moisture Penetrates Rust Lubricates and protects metal Frees sticky mechanisms Reduces friction and heat Help prevent corrosion

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Synionic Engine Flush

Synionic Engine FLush Ensure that every last bit of your engine is clean before adding your new oil, remember to use Synionic Engine Flush when you carry out an oil change service

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Synionic Engine Treatment

Synionic Engine Treatment Synionic’s engine treatment has been formulated with their patented ‘surface active’ technology and offers the same level of protection as their BTCC and Time Attack-winning race lubricants. Unlike other engine treatments on the market, the Synionic Engine … Continued

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Synionic Injector Cleaner

Fast Fuel™ Fuel Injector Cleaner   Synionic Fuel Injector Cleaner is formulated to thoroughly clean injector tips and intake valves, removing clogging carbon deposits that cause misfiring and poor fuel economy. Periodic treatment restores an uninhibited spray pattern for optimum firing, … Continued

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Synionic Octane Booster

Each bottle of Synionic Octane Boost contains enough additive to treat two average sized tanks of fuel. In doing so, the RON value of the pump fuel can be raised considerably. Typically, Premium Unleaded rises to around 100-101 RON whereas … Continued

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